Vintage Alarm Clocks for Sale

Time Fixers has been repairing and selling vintage alarm clocks online since 2001.

We Give Vintage Alarm Clocks a New Life.

Our clocks are classic alarm clocks from the early 1900's up until the late 1960's. Each alarm clock is cleaned, repaired and serviced as needed.

Survivors, Restorations, and Animated alarm clocks.

Many of our clocks are in great original condition. Some have been restored and others have been converted into animated alarm clocks. All descriptions indicate what work has been done.

Unique Clocks or One-of-a-Kind Gifts.

Our vintage alarm clocks have new homes all over the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Some have been gifts to friends or family, while others have replaced missing childhood clocks. Others are simply bought by folks who want a clock no one else has. We hope you find something very different here!
Vintage Alarm Clocks - Current Listings
1939 Little Red Riding Hood Alarm Clock
"Goodness, what big eyes you have!"
Includes U.S. Shipping

Smith Animated Alarm Clock
A restored English animated chicken.
Includes U.S. Shipping

1930 Ben Hur with an Animated Hummingbird
Garden theme.
Includes U.S. Shipping

Westclox Big Ben Loud Alarm
Pretty in Pink.

1938 American Westclox Animated Early Bird
Much less common than the Canadian clock
Includes U.S. Shipping

1938 Animated Henny Penny
Based on the "sky is falling" children's story.
Includes U.S. Shipping

1933 Westclox Big Ben Chime Alarm
Back from the junk yard.
Includes U.S. Shipping

Animated Popeye Alarm Clock
I yam what I yam!"
Includes U.S. Shipping

Westclox Animated Willys Jeep Clock
Animated Jeep.

New in Box - Gilbert Alarm Clock
A vintage survivor.
Includes U.S. Shipping

Westclox General 1946
Green and gold.
Includes U.S. Shipping

1952 Clock w/ Animated Wile Coyote
Never catches the Roadrunner!
Includes U.S. Shipping

Vintage Smith Animated Nursery Rhyme Alarm Clock
Hey diddle-diddle, the cat and the fiddle...

1949 Westclox Big Ben with Animated Sweet Pea
Includes U.S. Shipping

Westclox Baby Ben Style 7
A 1960 classic.
Includes U.S. Shipping

Westclox with Rat Fink
Subdial displays multiple car logos w/ the passing hours.
Includes U.S. Shipping

Modified Westclox Early Bird Animated Clock
1949 Beauty - think spring!

Westclox Big Ben
Classic 1960's alarm clock. Quiet tick!
Includes U.S. Shipping

1932 Original Big Ben
Pearlescent Green, beautiful dial. Nice clock.

Animated Cowboy Alarm Clock
Horse. Cowboy. Desert.
Includes U.S. Shipping

Westclox with Animated Pennzoil Owls in Auto
Very neat looking animated clock!
Includes U.S. Shipping

Lux Good Luck Horseshoe Clock
Do you like shiny objects?
Includes U.S. Shipping

1949  Westclox Big Ben Chime Alarm
Classic original survivor.

Smith Animated Noddy Alarm Clock
Time to wake up!
Includes U.S. Shipping

Lux with 1955 Chevy Belair Dial
See America.
Includes U.S. Shipping

Animated Early Birds Alarm Clock
Two little owls
Includes U.S. Shipping

Westclox Big Ben Style 1A
Now living in Denmark.

Animated Sweet Pea and Popeye Alarm Clock
Another unique restoration.
Includes U.S. Shipping

Fossil Retro Alarm Clock
1990's kinda cool.
Includes U.S. Shipping

Rexall Drug Store Alarm Clock
Original in it's box.
Includes U.S. Shipping

1933 Restored Westclox Big Ben Chime Alarm
Style 3 in tuxedo black.
Includes U.S. Shipping

Animated Betty Boop Alarm clock
Includes U.S. Shipping

Westclox Big Ben Animated Big Bad Wolf
And those three cute little pigs.
Includes U.S. Shipping

Nickel Case with Dodge Scat Pack Dial
Mopar clock.
Includes U.S. Shipping

1957 Pontiac Alarm Clock
It's not a Chevy!
Includes U.S. Shipping
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