Vintage Alarm Clocks for Sale

Vintage Alarm Clocks since 2001

We have been repairing and selling vintage alarm clocks online since 2001. The alarm clocks we sell are classic timepieces from the early to the mid 20th century era. We clean and repair each alarm clock as needed, before it is put back into service. Because of our shop's schedule, we do not service or repair clocks.

Unique Vintage and Animated Alarm Clocks

We strive to offer an interesting variety of alarm clocks. Many of our vintage alarm clocks are clean originals. Some have been meticulously restored. Some of our alarm clocks are put back into service as animated alarm clocks. Each listing specifies what work has been done to the clock.

If you like vintage alarm clocks, we hope you give one of our clocks a new life in your home!

Summer Schedule

Summer has been great here in New Hampshire. Shop time is still limited right now, but we have listed a few more clocks as time permits (pun intended). We will have more clocks listed as Fall approaches. If you are looking for something special, drop us a line. We check our email daily and all sales will be processed expeditiously. Thank you for a great spring/winter!

All Prices include FREE U.S. Shipping. Email for discounted International Shipping.

Current Listings:
1948 Westclox Big Ben with
Animated Children Roller Skating

1934 Westclox Big Ben
Chime Alarm Clock

Includes U.S. Shipping

1923 Western Clock Co.,
Blue Bird Alarm Clock

1952 Westclox Big Ben
w/ Animated Dog

Includes U.S. Shipping

1938 American
Westclox Early Bird

New Haven Chime Call
Alarm Clock

Includes U.S. Shipping

Smith Vintage Alarm Clock
New Old Stock

Animated Popeye Alarm Clock

Includes U.S. Shipping

1952 Lux
Animated Grist Mill Clock

Includes U.S. Shipping

Bayard Mickey Mouse Animated
Alarm Clock (France)

1923 Westclox Big Ben Original

1955 Gilbert Clock with
Animated 1955 Chevy Belair

Includes U.S. Shipping

1950 Westclox Alarm Clock

1949 Classic with Popeye
and an Animated Sweet Pea

1946 Big Ben
with Animated Early Bird

1955 Westclox with Rat Fink

Includes U.S. Shipping

1934 Lux - Keebler
Animated Organ Grinder Clock

Includes U.S. Shipping

Westclox Rat Fink
w/ Animated "RACE?"

Includes U.S. Shipping

Smiths Animated
English Farm Scene

Animated JEEP Alarm Clock

Early Big Ben with
Animated Pennzoil Owls

Animated Eugene the Jeep
Alarm Clock

1952  Lux Fairview Alarm Clock

Smiths Animated
Noddy Alarm Clock

1930 Animated Mickey Mouse

Animated Indian Motorcycle
Alarm Clock

1952 Westclox Baby Ben
Style 6 Alarm Clock

Includes U.S. Shipping

Old Rose 1930 Westclox Big Ben

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28
Animated Alarm Clock


Includes U.S. Shipping

Rexall Drug Store Alarm Clock

Includes U.S. Shipping

1983 Bradley Animated
Care Bear in Original Box

Includes U.S. Shipping

Animated Betty Boop Alarm clock

Includes U.S. Shipping

Westclox Big Ben
Animated Big Bad Wolf

Animated Fly Fishing Alarm Clock

Includes U.S. Shipping

1927 Westclox Big Ben
with Animated Indian MotoCycle

Includes U.S. Shipping

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